Gabby Holt

Songwriter, performer, vocalist, guitarist

Portland Oregon native Gabby Holt brings raw visceral energy to the stage and seamlessly melds her delicate, feminine, emotional storytelling with her powerful, fiery musical delivery. Holt's heartfelt vocals and screaming lead guitar take the spotlight while her band ebbs and flows waiting to explode on command. After 6 years of writing and recording soundtrack and film score with King Black Acid's Daniel Riddle, as well as performing live with King Black Acid; Gabby has developed her own voice, mature musicianship and has now assembled her own mighty band. Prepare for a range of experiences from psychedelia pop to artfully crafted indie rock.

Wow, strong band! Great song structure, and really mature musicianship. Gabby has a hold of something very good. A very impressive first outing. I’m looking forward to this band’s growth.
— John Hart, OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
A few moons ago I was at a @king_black_acid concert and was totally captivated by the acoustic guitar player. Not only were her vocals amazing but, her stage presence at times would steal the show. You could feel her every emotion which enhanced this phenomenal music to an even higher level. I eventually found out that this outstanding artist was no other than @gabbyholt. She is now on an adventure of doing her own project under her own name, Gabby Holt. I got to bare witness of her first show along with a packed house and let me tell you it was nothing short of amazing!
Fortunately, you can bare witness to this incredible performance this weekend. @gabbyholt has a show on Sunday 11/18 at @theliquorstorepdx. Show starts at 9 PM. Get out there and show her some love and support. Your ear holes will appreciate it!
— Roderick Allen, Rose City Review